Florida Racing Video and Photography

The history of Florida short track racing would not be possible without the dedicated track videographers and photographers around our state.   Professional or amateur, exotic or low budget equipment.. these people are there on Friday or Saturday nights braving it out in the infield to capture racing in its purist form.  Their role in short track racing will certainly best be remembered long after the checkers have waved and the grandstands have cleared. The photos they take will be archived in newspapers, emails, websites, hard-drives and other places that will be unearthed over time.

Just try googling Florida racing in 1970’s or 1960’s.

If you are a photographer that captures short track racing here in Florida and are not listed, email me at steve@floridaflagstand.com and I will have you added to this list. Be sure to include your website address.

I have added some known video and photography links,  however some have no web or email address associated with them.

Other Photography to check out: