Shead Brothers take 1st and 2nd in the Sportsman Feature 

logo-putnamBy: Sue Rohn

They say the 3rd time is a charm. It took 3 starts before the Sportsman race got under way Saturday Night at the Putnam County Speedway. Outside pole sitter Steve Shead got the jump on pole sitter Marc Kinley at the wave of the green to take the lead of the 20 lap feature. Kinley tried to keep Paul Shead from taking the second position away but just didn’t have the power tostay ahead. Paul battled with his brother for the top spot but it just wasn’t to be. Steve held his line and took the field to the stripe for the win. Paul crossed the line for second followed by Kinley, Davy Cline, Bill Adkins, Lisa O’Connor, David Dowling, John Westbrooke and Kevin Mills. Due to mechanical problems, Mitchell Wise Sr. and Joey Brinson did not compete. Bill Adkins and David Dowling won the two heats.

Chris Manucy went wire to wire in the 15 lap Hobby Stock feature making it his second win of the season. Marty Smith fell in behind Manucy to follow every lap to the checkered flag. Mike Henry crossed the stripe for third but was found illegal at tech, so the third spot went to Scott Haas. Rounding out the field was Donnie Nobles, Randy Moody and Glen Henry. Heat race went to Mike Henry.

It was double action in the Thunder Stock Class. The first feature was a make up from the week before after the rain stopped the program. When the race got under way James Shaw took the green for two laps then John Thorpe passed him for the lead. But it was not Thorpe’s night for the win. After a couple of lead changes the battle was on between Erick Arminio and Boomey Canary with Arminio coming out on top for the win. Canary placed second with Mike Tripp, Steve Cox, Jeff Baer, Richard Collins, Shane Guessford, Harold Lewis, Thorpe and Daniel Keene rounding out the top 10. Heat races went to Daniel Keene and John Thorpe.

The second race got under way with Harold Lewis taking the green for 3 laps. John Thorpe went to the front for 4 laps when hard charging Mike Tripp took over the lead to carry the 15 car field to the stripe to win the 20 lap Thunder Stock Feature. James Shaw came from the 9th starting position to take second place. Daniel Keene crossed the flag for third followed by Erick Arminio, Lewis, Jeff Baer, Robert Schrunk,Richard Collins, Jimmy Dowling III, and Thorpe.

Double your pleasure, double your fun, it was Nick Merckling taking the double features in the Gladiator Class. As the first feature got under way. It was points leader Steve Johnson out from for three laps when Merckling took the top spot and led the remaining laps to the flag for the win. Johnson had to pit on lap 9 with problem to his car. Rounding out the field was Scotty Sullivan, Dean Woodward, Casey Feaster, Johnson and John Harrison. Heat to Merckling.

Once again Merckling was out front on the third lap of the second 15 lap Gladiator feature. Scotty Sullivan took the green for one lap when his brother Troy passed him for the spot. But Merckling was not holding back and passed the Sullivans for the lead. Troy wasn’t happy with the lead change so he went to the front again for the next twolaps but not for long. Merckling took the top spot back and led the 9 car field to the checkers. Troy had to settle for second with Steve Johnson taking third. Scotty Sullivan was fourth followed by Dean Woodward, John Harrison, Casey Feaster, Tiffany Shaw, and John Johnson.

With a good crowd of fans and cars, it was a great night for racing.


1 10 Steve Shead
2 80 Paul Shead
3 17 Marc Kinley
4 71 Davy Cline
5 26 Billy Adkins
6 61 Lisa O’Connor
7 66 David Dowling
8 17w John Westbrooke
9 01 Kevin Mills

Hobby Stocks

1 21 Chris Manucy
2 18 Marty Smith
3 15h Mike Henry
4 96j Scott Haas
5 119 Donnie Nobles
6 13 Randy Moody

Thunder Stocks

1 18 Erick Armino
2 18c Robert Hicks
3 61 Mike Tripp
4 P38 Steve Cox
5 3 Jeff Baer
6 26 Richard Collins
7 34 Shane Guessford
8 48 Harold Lewis
9 114 John Thorpe
10 47 Daniel Keene
11 22 Kenny Thornton
12 32 James Shaw
13 88 Jimmy Dowling
14 27 Nathan Huffinham

Thunder Stocks Feature #2

1 61 Mike Tripp
2 32 James Shaw
3 47 Daniel Keene
4 18 Erick Armino
5 48 Harold Lewis
6 3 Jeff Baer
7 03 Robert Schrunk
8 26 Richard Collins
9 88 Jimmy Dowling
10 114 John Thorpe
11 34 Shane Guessford
12 16 Brian Schrunk
13 18c Boomie Canary
14 22 Kenny Thornton


1 49 Nick Merckling
2 31 Troy Sullivan
3 81 Steven Johnson
4 28 Scotty Sullivan
5 43 Dean Woodward
6 55 John Harrison
7 20 Casey Feaster
8 23 Tiffany Shaw
9 87 John Johnson

Gladiators Feature #2

1 49 Nick Merckling
2 28 Scotty Sullivan
3 43 Dean Woodward
4 20 Casey Feaster
5 81 Steven Johnson
6 55 John Harrison